Endorsed Friends

Talented friends I can endorse for their work – either because I’ve worked with them or know them socially.

I’m happy to connect you with them if you’re looking to hire or collaborate with them, with double opt-in from both sides.

NameSkillsRemarks/NotesEndorsed By
Shubhi SaxenaEngineer-turned-early-Product: PLG, Pre-Sales, Sales or MarketingWas an anchoring and energetic friend for the GenerativeAI DeepHack which we did together. Update: Has joined Quizizz in the Product Management OrganisationNirant
Dhruv AnandSearch Consultant, VectorDB & LLMex-CMU, Google & Meta Know him via the GenerativeAI CommunityNirant
Sudarshan Chandra BabuGenerative Image ModelsFormer Enterpreneur, know him via the GenerativeAI CommunityNirant
AnudeepML EngineerWas the category winner at the GenerativeAI HackathonNirant
KshitijML Engineer-Sudarshan
Eepsita GuptaSaaS PositioningHas worked with the likes of Capillary, Vymo, DHL. Know her sociallyNirant
Preet Singh KhalsaGeneralist ExtraordinaireEx-CRED, Accel, Update: Has moved to VC in Europe after the endorsementNirant
Kumar ShivenduProduct engineer with interest in Devtools, Search & LLMsBuilds auth devtools at SuperTokens, he was the dev behind this blog. Update: Has joined Qdrant.tech after the endorsement!Nirant

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Last Updated: June 2023