Diverse Tech Topics: From AI to Hacker Houses

SAAS Company Sale

  • Discussion about a tweet by Dan Martell regarding selling a SAAS company.

Generative AI Tools

  • Discussion about a tool for generating desi lofi girls.
  • Mention of a tool built by [PHONE REMOVED] and friends for YouTube videos.
  • Mention of sitegpt.ai, which does something similar.
  • Mention of Microsoft Edge’s copilot option for generating text.
  • Mention of jsonlines format for solving text generation challenges.

Vector DBs

  • Discussion about starting a vector DB company.
  • Mention of Chroma as a database for small amounts of text.
  • Discussion about scaling challenges with gptindex.
  • Mention of Pinecone as a vector DB.
  • Mention of Nirant and Ravi’s knowledge about vector DB tradeoffs.
  • Mention of a tweet thread by Nirant about vector DBs.
  • Mention of the possibility of an accelerator for startups.
  • Discussion about embedding legal documents.
  • Mention of mpnet from sentence transformers.
  • Suggestion to ask sachin from intellawyer.com about legal document embeddings.

Hacker Houses

  • Discussion about starting a hacker house in Bangalore.
  • Mention of HackerDojo in Mountain View as a community-run space for hackers.
  • Mention of the possibility of an accelerator for startups.

ChatGPT Plugins

  • Discussion about the waitlist for ChatGPT plugins access.
  • Mention of a conspiracy theory about the location of the person maintaining kisaangpt.
  • Mention of compliance as a possible reason for country preferences for plugins access.
  • Mention of the possibility of age of account or usage affecting plugins access.


  • Discussion about the possibility of an oral history series.
  • Mention of the GenerativeAI April meetup registration link.
  • Mention of a talk by Atty from the OpenAI plugins team.
  • Discussion about GPT-4 API access.
  • Mention of a tweet by Alex Graveley about Microsoft Edge’s copilot option.
  • Mention of Cerebral Valley starting with 50 members.

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  • https://twitter.com/danmartell/status/1644798423961575426?t=BwA0POzNya9uB_BZkY1cHA&s=19: If anyone to sell his SAAS company.
  • https://sitegpt.ai/ - Sitegpt offers a similar service to the one built by cc [PHONE REMOVED] and friends for Youtube videos. Microsoft Edge also has a copilot option that does the same thing.
  • Microsoft Edge has a copilot option which does this exact thing which I’ve been using. (https://twitter.com/alexgraveley/status/1644186023868416000?t=3mfuMZb0hDnOx2sFR9Wn4Q&s=08)
  • https://twitter.com/rowancheung/status/1644778701974822913 - A tweet discussing the use of jsonlines format to solve a problem related to newlines in data.
  • https://jsonlines.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ - Documentation for the JSON Lines format.
  • https://twitter.com/rowancheung/status/1644778701974822913 - A tweet by Rowan Cheung commenting on a viral thread with Indian villagers smiling, suggesting it may have a biased perspective.
  • https://intellawyer.com/ - Discussion about embedding suggestions for legal documents and seeking advice from Sachin, who has experience with legal documents. CC Indian legal docs.
  • https://www.sbert.net/docs/pretrained_models.html: The speaker is referring to searching during training and gives a shout out to Ravi for his expert advice and tips.
  • https://twitter.com/nirantk/status/1644290469915164672?s=46&t=PtXsyxI-ZtFT1qUEbUxlBQ: Tweet thread by Nirant discussing tradeoffs between pinecone and other technologies, with a suggestion for him to start an accelerator for startups.
  • GenerativeAI April meetup registration link: https://hasgeek.com/generativeAI/april-meetup/ (related to the message about creating a space for hackers to meet and hack together)
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/athyuttamre - He’s on the plugins team. The message asks about the usage and cost of something, but it is unclear what it is referring to.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/posts/setu-apis_we-have-kicked-off-the-openai-x-fintech-session-activity-7050806116791832576-S3Ns?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_android - The message in the same link as the URL mentions being in the Bay Area and open to meeting for coffee or beer. The URL itself is related to an OpenAI x Fintech session.
  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/anirudthn - The message includes an invitation to meet in Seattle and a request for a recording or screenshot of something. The author also mentions lurking in a group.