Innovative AI Applications in Smart Homes and Game Development

Integration of chatGPT/LLMs into smart home devices

  • Query about integration of chatGPT/LLMs into Alexa/Nest type of smart home devices
  • Mention of tools that can do it, but openai key is a barrier to adoption


  • Query about anyone dabbling with paddlespeech

ChatGPT talk by Anil Ananthaswamy

  • Video of the talk by Anil Ananthaswamy on ChatGPT held at BIC is published
  • Link:

Automatic1111 and DrawThings App

  • Suggestion to use Automatic1111 on colab
  • Suggestion to download DrawThings App on MacBook
  • GPU memory issue, try smaller models

Generative AI on local machine

  • Discussion about running generative AI workflows locally on a Mac
  • Recommendation to either go all the way or get the Macbook air
  • Suggestion to get as big of a machine as your wallet permits
  • Mention of text-to-video taking off in the future

Optimization of models for running on Apple RAM

  • Query about how optimized the models are for running on Apple RAM as opposed to Nvidia GPUs

Serverless Vector DB and pricing

  • Discussion about serverless Vector DB and pricing around it
  • Link:
  • Mention of a free masterclass on Developer eXperience and how that influences pricing and GTM

GPT4 fixing syntax and API calls

  • Discussion about a demo where GPT4 fixes syntax and API calls
  • Expectation of dedicated planning “agents” which can pair with the dev much more on the first part

GPT assisting game development

  • Discussion about the possibilities and capabilities of GPT assisting game development
  • Mention of a video sent by a non-developer brother on the topic

Podcast style fireside chat/discussion

  • Offer to participate in a podcast style fireside chat/discussion
  • Mention of working on something close to it

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  • The video of the talk by Anil Ananthaswamy on ChatGPT held at BIC is published -
  • CEO of Weaviate, Vespa and Modal Labs discussing serverless Vector DB and pricing on Twitter: (related to optimization for running on Apple RAM and Nvidia GPUs, as well as Developer eXperience and pricing strategy)
  • A video discussing Developer eXperience and its influence on pricing and GTM, with a demonstration of a developer debugging logic while letting GPT4 fix syntax and API calls.