Generative AI Group Chat: Resources, Hackathons, and Model Discussions


  • Group chat transcript on Generative AI
  • Chaotic discussion on various topics

Learning Resources

  • Link to a post on what transformers are
  • Cohere has two of the best ML content creators
  • List of top AI-themed newsletters shared
  • recommended
  • Ben’s Bites newsletter recommended


  • Invitation to join a team in Warpspeed GenAI hackathon

Deterministic Output

  • Discussion on making GPT2 or BLOOM model outputs consistent
  • Two ways to make it deterministic: setting temp=0 or setting seeds
  • Pro tip to pursue this line of reasoning and gain first-hand experience

Visual Aesthetic Scoring

  • Discussion on AVA dataset and image dataset curation methods
  • Link to a space on huggingface for aesthetic predictor
  • Use of clip interrogator to score generated captions
  • Hallucination and determinism are not related
  • Visual aesthetic scoring is largely a final layer problem
  • Discussion on the limitations of the model

Dataset Creation

  • Request for good library references to create datasets for LLMs
  • Discussion on creating a dataset based on few hand-written examples
  • Suggestion to check the terms of service for commercial use
  • Discussion on using a visual QA model to identify errors in a picture
  • Workflow suggestion to detect errors in the image and fix them using models finetuned on those datasets
  • Suggestion to use Andrew Ng’s for the task
  • Discussion on using multiscale patches and CLIP to check similarity with the prompt

Finance GPT

  • Discussion on usable finance GPT
  • Bloomberg GPT is expensive
  • OpenBB is an open-source alternative to Bloomberg terminal

Autonomous Agents

  • Discussion on autonomous agents space
  • Link to a beginner’s guide to autonomous agents
  • GitHub repository for a simpler and no dependencies solution

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • This link leads to a post on Hugging Face’s website that explains what transformers are for beginners and those who want to deepen their understanding of the topic.
  • Check out for some interesting content. However, be aware that it may be similar to Twitter, with much of the content already coming from Here are some useful links I’ve found:
  • Suggested as a tool to use for generating a score for a generated caption.
  • The message in the same link as the URL mentions the need for a standard that everyone can use and expresses hope that HELM becomes that standard. The context of the URL is unclear.
  • - suggested as a potential solution for a workflow involving multiple models for a task that may be difficult for a single model to handle.
  • - Someone in the group was asking if anyone had experience finetuning GPT with Yahoo Finance. In response, someone shared a link to an open source alternative to Bloomberg terminal called OpenBB and mentioned that they released a blog on how to train on their documentation to get the appropriate OpenBB command.
  • A beginner’s guide to autonomous agents that the speaker is starting to look into.
  • The speaker mentions that they have built something similar to this link for themselves, which is much simpler and has no dependencies.