AI Discussions and Events

OpenAI Embeddings and Graph Embeddings

  • Discussion on utilizing OpenAI embeddings model to create graph embeddings
  • Naive approach suggested: use “text-embedding-ada-002” to get node embeddings and compute edge embeddings using adjacency matrix
  • Pinterest recommends starting with any base embedding and then updating them
  • Article on HN shared for reference

GPT Model for Financial Data and Analysis

  • Query on availability of GPT model finetuned with financial data and analysis
  • Mention of Bloomberg GPT, but not yet usable or publicly available
  • Doubtful if it will ever be open sourced as it is trained on proprietary data

Generative AI Mixer Event

  • Invitation to a generative AI mixer event at Lightspeed office in Koramangala
  • Interested participants asked to fill up a Google form

Deepfake Detection

  • Query on research happening in deepfake detection and any good app/software for it
  • Mention of working on it
  • Microsoft’s effort on disinformation and deepfakes shared, but no working model for public
  • Discussion on not releasing authenticators to avoid making it easier for next generation of cheaters to evolve/reverse engineer
  • Mention of Yahoo’s nudity detection model from 7 years ago

API for Categorizing Questions

  • Query on API to categorize questions into HR, Finance, Marketing, etc.
  • Offer to create one over the weekend if given 20 samples
  • Discussion on using GPT4 in Google Sheets to classify questions

OpenAI Credits

  • Discussion on how to get more than $1K/month hard limit of OpenAI
  • Mention of it being expensive, with 5K questions a day

Prompt Injection in GPT4

  • Discussion on the status of prompt injection in GPT4
  • Experimentation with prompt injection and simulation of another agent with different ideals in chatGPT and GPT 3, 3.5
  • Mention of GPT4 being good with handling prompt injections and sticking to the system prompt


  • Mention of RISC-V International event in India
  • Query on the largest OpenAI customer in India
  • Sharing of article on Zero Knowledge Machine Learning and its use case in medical data inference
  • Mention of HuggingFace launching a GPT4 alternative, Vicuna 13B

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • - a form to be filled up by the recipients of the message, which is related to an AI event happening in Bangalore on April 14th.
  • The message in the same link as the URL asks if anyone is aware of research happening in Deepfake detection.
  • - Microsoft’s effort on disinformation and deepfakes, but doesn’t have a working model for public use. Mention of working on the issue as well.
  • Can use this for cryptography, which is a constantly-evolving process/field. The message also asks if anyone has seen an API to categorize questions into HR, Finance, Marketing etc.
  • - The blog post discusses incorrect usage of AI and mentions Pepper as one of the larger customers of OpenAI in India.
  • - A message discussing the potential of the newly launched Vicuna 13B as a knowledge distillation tool with human input for higher quality labels.