Exploring Quick Hacks, LLMs, Rephrase.ai, and Data Protection

Quick Hacks and Extensions:

  • A quick hack for DeepHack GPT to handle multiple context questions
  • A small flex of exporting group chat from WhatsApp and uploading the text file to gooey for search without writing any code
  • Whisper API can be used to get the transcript without GPUs
  • Gladia.io can extract 1-hour audio file transcript in 10-20 seconds using openai Whisper backend
  • Assembly.ai has a playground to upload files for transcription with good accuracy
  • HuggingGPT: Solving AI Tasks with ChatGPT and its Friends in HuggingFace

LLMs and Table Structures:

  • Discussion on making LLMs understand table structures
  • chatpdf.com was suggested as a solution


  • Rephrase.ai launched a completely automated blog to video powered by GPT-4
  • The default limit for generated videos is 1 minute with a limit of 20k characters for the blog
  • Plans to improve pitch and editing style, cuts, screen transitions, overlays
  • Results were shared through a mobile Twitter link and a personalized link

Product Management:

  • Calling out to fellow Product Managers for insight on KPI error corrections

Data Protection:

  • The Italian Data Protection Authority finds ChatGPT’s training models in violation of their data laws.

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • The blog post talks about the launch of an automated blog to video tool powered by GPT-4 by Rephrase.ai. The author has contributed to it and is working on the next version. URL: https://www.rephrase.ai/blog-to-video
  • https://gooey.ai/asr/ - This link provides the transcript that was needed in the conversation.
  • https://www.gladia.io/ - This website offers a free API that can extract a 1-hour audio file transcript in 10-20 seconds using openai Whisper backend. Assembly.ai is also recommended for transcription with good accuracy.
  • https://mobile.twitter.com/svembu/status/1641710194458791939 - A tweet asking for results to be shared, with a link to a video on personalized rephrasing.
  • https://mobile.twitter.com/svembu/status/1641710194458791939 - A tweet by svembu with a video link to personalized.rephrase.ai and a message saying “hi”.
  • https://arxiv.org/abs/2303.17580 - The message mentions this link in relation to the topic of solving AI tasks with ChatGPT and its friends in HuggingFace.