Exploring ChatGPT, APIs, and Language Models

Article Bias and Twitter

  • Discussion about biased articles and preference for tweets
  • Shared link to a tweet: https://twitter.com/zoink/status/1653052807950536706

Learning with ChatGPT

  • Discussion on how to use ChatGPT for learning
  • Mention of yudbot.com as a resource

API Level Caps

  • Mention of developing an API level cap for a llm vault manager
  • Question on whether API level caps are generally kept
  • Shared link to yudbot.com as a potential resource

Paywalls and Capitalism

  • Discussion on paywalls and access to news articles
  • Mention of capitalism in a political group context

Conversational Memory with GPT-3.5-Turbo

  • Question on how to add conversational memory to GPT-3.5-Turbo
  • Shared link to a potential resource


  • Mention of Langchain and its shortcomings
  • Discussion on whether to use Langchain or roll your own solution
  • Mention of llamaindex as an alternative
  • Mention of a friend’s positive experience with llamaindex for chat conversations
  • Mention of a Lucene-based ANNs project
  • Mention of company-level constraints on using certain tools
  • Mention of lack of quality checks in Langchain repo
  • Mention of Langchain prioritizing agents and toolchain over everything else
  • Mention of a potential Langchain alternative, Semantic Kernel
  • Discussion on API design and community traction
  • Mention of issues with Langchain at scale
  • Shared link to llama_index default prompts

Rolling Windows and Summarization

  • Discussion on implementing rolling windows contexts
  • Mention of issues with moving windows approach
  • Suggestion to use dynamic rolling window for every question
  • Discussion on summarization and use of OpenAI summarization API
  • Mention of prompt engineering as a solution
  • Suggestion to use a smaller and faster model for summarization
  • Mention of using GPT-3.5 and prompt engineering to keep temp low
  • Mention of experience vs expense trade-off
  • Mention of sandboxing Python environment
  • Mention of executing untrusted code from an LLM
  • Mention of using tools and agents with Langchain as part of OpenAI cookbook


  • Mention of a potential resource for creating a running summary of earlier conversations
  • Mention of knowing the creator of 42papers.com, artcompute.com, and mindsjs.com
  • Mention of a potential solution for executing untrusted code from an LLM

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • The tweet at https://twitter.com/zoink/status/1653052807950536706 suggests that the author’s tweets are better, and asks how people are using ChatGPT to learn.
  • https://www.yudbot.com/ - The message in the same link as the URL questions the ethics of putting news articles behind a paywall.
  • The URL https://augmented-reality-knowledge.github.io/ is being shared and the message asks if there are any shortcomings that need to be aware of and if the link is not working for the recipient.
  • Code flow example: https://github.com/hwchase17/langchain/blob/master/langchain/memory/summary.py (link to a code example on GitHub)
  • https://deeplearn.org/ - someone mentions using this website for something related to a question about a commercial license for deforum and a potential alternative called Semantic Kernel.
  • URL: https://github.com/jerryjliu/llama_index/blob/main/gpt_index/prompts/default_prompts.py
  • Context: The message warns against using langchain and suggests an alternative approach for saving chat messages in a system. The URL may provide more information on the topic.
  • https://42papers.com/ - Creator of this website and other related websites may have insight into why LangChain is focused on tools and agents.