Exploring ChatGPT API, Whisper Updates, and Anime Production

ChatGPT API Launch and Updates

  • OpenAI provided an update on ChatGPT and Whisper API.
  • A Twitter user shared a link to the ChatGPT API launch.
  • A user mentioned getting controlnet working in a satisfactory way.
  • Someone asked about deploying gpt-3.5-turbo on production apps and how it performs at scale.
  • Another user replied that it is mostly stable but may require retries with exponential backoff.

Corridor Digital’s Anime Creation

  • StabilityAI shared a link to a tweet about Corridor Digital’s process for creating anime using SD VFX and Blender.

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • OpenAI’s Twitter URL (https://twitter.com/OpenAI/status/1630992406542970880?s=20) provides an update on ChatGPT and Whisper API, with a TL;DR on the ChatGPT API launch.
  • https://twitter.com/c_valenzuelab/status/1630969280803250176?t=Timm5pV-ymLQM02QPZM-sg&s=08 (Message: “Ok I finally got controlnet working in a way that makes me happy!”)
  • Corridor Digital reveals how they made Anime using SD VFX and Blender (scenes) on Twitter via @stabilityai.