Google and Replit Partnership: Tackling AI Development and Safety

Google and Replit partnership to take on Microsoft’s GitHub

  • India Replit sponsoring hackathon
  • GCP features on Replit
  • Discussion on popularity of writing GPT from scratch
  • Request for safety protocols for AI development
  • Comparison to past technologies and societal effects
  • Proposal for philosophy room and use-case specific groups
  • Azure OpenAI credits discussion
  • Hacks to reduce GPT hallucination
  • BIC event on ChatGPT and its ilk
  • OpenAI grant eligibility and phishing concerns
  • Future of Life open letter on pausing giant AI experiments
  • Score system to penalize GPT hallucination
  • Verification of GPT sources and self-consistency check
  • Throttling using prompts discussion
  • Proposal for custom agent implementation
  • Self-consistency empirically known to work

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  • - Google Partners with AI Startup Replit to Take on Microsoft’s GitHub
  • India Replit is sponsoring a hackathon and offering the opportunity to try GCP features on Replit. The message also includes a question about the popularity of writing a GPT from scratch in the future.
  • - Bing Chat has ads and the author is waiting to see stats on CTRs and their subsequent effect on CPCs in relation to an event on “ChatGPT and it’s Ilk” by Anil Ananthaswamy, a science writer and editor, hosted by BIC.
  • Link to participate in a hackathon in BLR mentioned in a message requesting for streaming and sharing a recent best read.
  • Link to participate in a hackathon in BLR.
  • - Tobi is asking about the source for the number 100 trillion and expressing surprise at the possibility of reaching triple digits in trillions.
  • A clarification on the estimated number of neurons in the human brain and an announcement that builders can apply for projects this weekend.
  • - An open letter calling for a pause on giant AI experiments.
  • - An open letter calling for a pause on giant AI experiments.