Exploring AI Models and Applications

VectorDB and LlamaIndex

  • Discussion on whether LlamaIndex or Langchain support VectorDB with Sources with GPT4 or GPT3.5-Turbo
  • Sharing of GitHub link for LlamaIndex demo
  • Suggestion to use response.source_nodes to get sources
  • Discussion on using evaluation module or regex to get desired sources
  • Mention of OpenAI models not citing references
  • Sharing of Langchain link for QA with sources example
  • Discussion on limitations of Langchain and need to extend chain functions
  • Mention of LlamaIndex not having such limitations

AI Models and Applications

  • Discussion on models for aesthetic score of images
  • Mention of ResNet and classification model for user-scored images
  • Discussion on generating professional-level DSLR photos using AI
  • Mention of LAMINI AI library for fine-tuning LLMs to custom domains
  • Announcement of upcoming “Learning Transformers/NLP/ML” discussion
  • Discussion on D-ID and SadTalker for generating content
  • Mention of Whisper models for Hindi transcription
  • Suggestion of Deepgram and Monster API for transcription
  • Discussion on building generative model for legible pdf/image documents
  • Mention of AI-generated content for social media and advertisements
  • Request for transcription API that can handle Hindi and regional languages


  • Discussion on automating extraction of WhatsApp group data
  • Mention of RunwayML Gen 2 and Text2Video-Zero
  • Request for transcription API that can handle Hindi and regional languages
  • Announcement of weekly/monthly newsletter
  • Request for tech expert in Generative AI for Zoom meet-up
  • Request for connections with those working on advertisements
  • Discussion on building AI avatars and personalized content
  • Mention of guardrails for cloned voices
  • Discussion on building QnA over CSVs using Python code or SQL

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • https://github.com/jerryjliu/llama_index/blob/main/examples/vector_indices/PineconeIndexDemo.ipynb: The response from Vector DB and how to retrieve the sources using response.source_nodes.
  • https://python.langchain.com/en/latest/modules/chains/index_examples/qa_with_sources.html - a link related to a discussion about using text-davinci-003 and its trade offs.
  • https://github.com/openai/evals/blob/4da6a6115ac03df4f8364903815a6e73e95c2fd1/evals/prompt/base.py#L22 - A user is asking about a code snippet and expressing regret for not thinking of it earlier.
  • https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/when-a-picture-is-worth-more-than-words-17718860dcc2 - An article discussing the use of user-scored images and ResNet in classification models, and how Big Data can be more effective than Big Brains in machine learning.
  • The URLs https://replicate.com/cjwbw/damo-text-to-video and https://github.com/Picsart-AI-Research/Text2Video-Zero are related to a text-to-video project.
  • https://replicate.com/cjwbw/damo-text-to-video and https://github.com/Picsart-AI-Research/Text2Video-Zero are related to text-to-video conversion. The message in the same link mentions a discussion on “Learning Transformers/NLP/ML” on Sunday from 4-5pm.
  • https://twitter.com/bhutanisanyam1/status/1412933178411536384: A message thanking Amir for flagging something, with no further context provided.
  • https://postgresml.org/blog/tuning-vector-recall-while-generating-query-embeddings-in-the-database: A blog post about tuning vector recall while generating query embeddings in the database.
  • https://twitter.com/bhutanisanyam1/status/1412933178411536384: A tweet by user @bhutanisanyam1 with the message “Haha - I’m here” and a link to a blog post on tuning vector recall while generating query embeddings in the database on the website postgresml.org.
  • The given URL is a Microsoft Teams meeting link and is related to a message requesting a tech expert to drive 15 minutes of a session on Generative AI in a Zoom meet-up.
  • https://playbook.samaltman.com: The message in the same link as the URL suggests that generative models are not necessary for converting raw text to PDFs/images and applying simple distortions to get synthetic data for OCR.
  • guardrails released something recently, as mentioned in this tweet by ShreyaR: https://twitter.com/ShreyaR/status/1650883072324419587. A phone number was also mentioned but has been removed.