Generative AI Meetup and Discussions

Generative AI Meetup

  • Nvidia-HF event on Saturday morning
  • Online event, URL:
  • Need an experienced person to guide and answer queries, volunteer needed
  • Twitter link for volunteer:

AI Applications

  • Using diffusion for detection/recognition/segmentation tasks
  • Tesla using diffusion as part of their lane detection algorithm
  • Transformers used for lane detection, URL:
  • Text2motion
  • Promptlayer
  • Data exploration and feature engineering resources needed
  • Sequential prompting for controlled conversation, e.g. roleplay
  • AlignmentAI and PMGPT for guided chat with roleplay
  • AI assistant/co-pilot for product managers/product teams
  • GPT plugins


  • AutoGPT for basic questions
  • AutoGPT’s limitations
  • AutoGPT’s marketing
  • Large scale human feedback and nudges for AutoGPT

  • for product names
  • Suggestions for AI assistant/co-pilot names

GPT-4 API Access

  • Technical folks waiting for GPT-4 API Access
  • GPT plugins
  • Azure OpenAI service


  • FP8 based on NVIDIA’s Transformer Engine
  • Faster inference and more Fp16, Fp8/int8 proliferation for task-specific models
  • Impact on large model, faster model, or new model arch

Serverless GPUs

  • Serverless GPUs and cost savings
  • Market competition dictating pricing instead of arbitrary end user value


  • Building with Langchain
  • Private V2 for collectiv LangchainX

Code Summarization

  • Tools for summarizing custom code repos/documentation
  • GitHub repo summarization tool URL:


  • MEPs seal the deal on artificial intelligence act, URL:
  • Coreweave talks about tier 3 datacenters in North America
  • DeepFloyd for text-to-image model, URL:
  • Stable diffusion model and its ecosystem

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • A link to a website for a generative AI meetup, with a message requesting an experienced person to guide and answer queries.
  • The first URL is a tweet requesting guidance and answers from an experienced person, while the second URL is a news article about MEPs sealing the deal on an artificial intelligence act. The context suggests that the person is seeking guidance on the topic of artificial intelligence. The URLs are:
  • - This tweet may be related to the link about MEPs sealing the deal on the Artificial Intelligence Act.
  • The use of transformers for lane detection is discussed in a YouTube video ( and a related research paper (
  • They use transformers for lane detection- and, text2motion
  • - The message in the same link as the URL criticizes the practice of touching a GPU for custom embedding in 2023, calling it a “very 2016 thing to do” and a “late stage hype cycle thing to do.”
  • Still waiting for someone to name their product bhAI. Names like samurAI and ikigAI are already gone. A dairy founder wanted but had to resort to
  • (related to the impact of NVIDIA’s Transformer Engine on FP8 performance)
  • The message in the same link as the URL discusses the potential for market competition to dictate pricing for serverless GPUs.
  • A user is asking for tools that can summarize custom code repos/documentation and provides an example link for reference.
  • A request for tools that can summarize custom code repos/documentation, with an example link provided.
  • The given URL is related to a chat application built using GitHub repository. Another URL is also mentioned, but the context is not clear.