AI Model Customization and OpenAI Plugins

AI Model and Prompt

  • Discussion about a prompt and AI model
  • Need for composition iterations to achieve desired output
  • Mention of a Rembrandt painting as a style reference for the second picture
  • Mention of a custom AI model created by merging different models

OpenAI Plugins

  • Mention of OpenAI ChatGPT plugins
  • Comparison to Alexa Skills
  • Link to OpenAI Plugins documentation

Off-Topic Discussions

  • Request for help with Firestore
  • Invitation to showcase projects
  • Sharing of a link to an article about the cost of ChatGPT for Indian languages
  • Discussion about using OpenCV videocapture() with an external iOS camera
  • Support for direct vernacular interaction with GPT, but with poor performance.

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • - The message discusses the style reference for a picture and speculates on the future of chat plugins.
  • The message states that the sender is confident of achieving better success than Alexa Skills and includes a phone number that has been removed.
  • - A question is asked about the accuracy of a cost analysis related to ChatGPT for Indian languages, and the response is “Yes.”
  • A link to a website where one can try out a tokenizer, with a message indicating that the recipient understands the information provided.