AI Discussion: JadooSnap, Indian Languages, and Photo Editing


  • One member introduces themselves as Dukaan’s head of AI.


  • JadooSnap is a website that some members have seen and praised.
  • It is not yet available for public access, but some companies are already using it.
  • A member shares a link to

Access to JadooSnap

  • A member asks if there is any way for Dukaan to request access to JadooSnap.
  • Another member shares a Twitter link that may be helpful.

Gates Foundation Contract

  • Dukaan is hoping to get a contract with the Gates Foundation to build a WhatsApp chatbot to guide rural nurses in India.
  • Hindi is necessary for this project, and it is supported by GPT4 and Whisper.
  • Bhashini, an Indian government-funded research project, has a fine-tuned Whisper model for Hindi.

Indian Languages

  • The most popular Indian vernacular languages are discussed.
  • The Hindi results of GPT are not as great as English.
  • A member is confused by Bill Gates’ writing about an Indian startup working on LLMs for Indian languages.
  • It is suggested that the source documents are all in English and that Google Translate is used to translate them into Hindi for GPT.

Experiment Proposal

  • A member proposes a test set to compare the effectiveness of using Google Translate for GPT versus using original Hindi documents.

AI Photo Editing

  • A member asks for ideas on how to achieve a certain effect in photo editing.
  • Several members suggest different methods, including changing the tint of the image to RGB, adding noise and denoising guided by a prompt, and using Controlnet/depth2img.
  • The idea of generating a photo-realistic image of a baby from an ultrasound is discussed.
  • A member shares a link to an AI photo editor.

Adobe Products

  • A member mentions Adobe products.
  • Another member shares a LinkedIn post about Adobe Firefly.

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • - Requesting access for Dukaan and hoping to get a contract with the Gates Foundation to build a Whatsapp chatbot to guide rural nurses in India.
  • The message in the same link as the URL mentions waiting for the next medical provider data breach to get this dataset, and also mentions Adobe products being out now.
  • - Regarding the Adobe products that someone else mentioned, it’s out now.