Diverse AI Topics: Pitch Decks, Education, Employment, and Applications

Anthropics pitch deck

  • Does anyone have access to Anthropics pitch deck?

RLHF for instruct models

  • OpenAI’s John Schulman gave an interesting talk at Berkeley last week on why RLHF was needed to get the instruct models to behave nicely.

Deepfakes and audio synthesis

  • First instance of an Indian politician referring to deepfakes / audio synthesis?

AI courses and resources

  • course.fast.ai for being able to make sense of all of this — even as it changes in 2-3 months and we add VQA (Vision) to mainstream OpenAI APIs
  • Lot of new work should come from STT and TTS side, including performance improvements like Whisper-JAX in the coming 4-6 month and more important, voice cloning, avatars and the like. They should have their own “Lensa moment” as such if someone markets it well.
  • if i had to recommend a course to cover the NLP hands-on with theory - https://www.udemy.com/course/nlp-with-transformers/
  • You can still pretty affordable (about $2/mo) instances on Fly.io
  • If there’s anyone interested, Mckay Wrigley is starting a course on Replit on AI dev. The advanced stuff is coming soon but here’s the day 0 course. https://twitter.com/mckaywrigley/status/1649492404943323136

ControlNet Inpaint guidelines

  • controlnet Inpaint guidelines for A1111. https://github.com/Mikubill/sd-webui-controlnet/issues/968 [PHONE REMOVED] you can try out with this and let me know how it is working for you.
  • From the author of controlnet repo: Hi everyone! Shreyas here, I’m a product designer at Clari working on revGPT, a chat interface to get on top of everything happening with sales in an organisation ( and a few personal projects:) ). I saw this tweet by the guy who made BabyAGI, with a new approach to vector search & embeddings: https://twitter.com/yoheinakajima/status/1650049673770725378?s=46&t=WT1iAtjftW-5_e62F8FZTg
  • https://yoheinakajima.com/asymmetrix-asymmetric-vector-embeddings-for-directional-similarity-search/

Hiring for GenAI

  • what are some places to hire tech folks interested in GenAI? understanding of how GenAI works and the nuances of embeddings, text processing
  • This WhatsApp group 🙈
  • I hear OpenAI has some decent folks
  • should have a job board :)
  • How about a board that takes natural language input from job seekers and start-ups and matches them? Does something like this exist? Shouldn’t be hard to build one.
  • Looking to hire folks as well - full time or part time! Job board would be ideal

Tokenization and word embeddings

  • I knew tokens used for non English languages is different but looking at the OpenAI bills, it gave me a shock. Some Asian languages take a lot more - is there a comparsion somewhere?
  • I haven’t come across a lang2lang comparison. But openAi has a tokenizer you can use to estimate tokens and build a comparison set.
  • For tokenization and word embeddings to reduce cost, you may like to use Sentence Transformers / [ something like that ] and pass the Embeddings to OpenAI for completion
  • They’re also building foundation models
  • [PHONE REMOVED] has built a wrapper around openai tiktoken to count tokens in a file or text -

Image generation with ControlNet

  • I was trying to generate an image of “a key ring with the OpenAI logo on it”
  • u can use ControlNet canny model https://huggingface.co/spaces/hysts/ControlNet, just start with the openai logo, select the canny model and give the promptt
  • This was controlnet only btw, both canny and hed boundary worked well (you can change that in settings)

Open domain Q&A and retrieval algorithms

  • Anyone working on open domain Q&A type problems or ones which make use of retreievers/dense embeddings?
  • Yes I am. My product helps businesses set this up for internal function (esp. customer service and customer success).
  • Oh cool, can you share what kind of models and retrieval algorithms you are using?

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • https://www.udemy.com/course/nlp-with-transformers/ - recommended course for NLP hands-on with theory, mentioned in a message about a good learning path that skips LLM theory and the usefulness of deploying applications on Heroku.
  • https://twitter.com/mckaywrigley/status/1649492404943323136 - McKay Wrigley is starting a course on Replit on AI dev and the day 0 course is available. The message also mentions that affordable instances on Fly.io are available for about $2/mo.
  • GitHub link for controlnet Inpaint guidelines for A1111: https://github.com/Mikubill/sd-webui-controlnet/issues/968. The author of the repo also provides a phone number for testing purposes.
  • https://twitter.com/yoheinakajima/status/1650049673770725378?s=46&t=WT1iAtjftW-5_e62F8FZTg - A tweet by the creator of BabyAGI discussing a new approach to vector search and embeddings, created with ChatGPT.
  • https://yoheinakajima.com/asymmetrix-asymmetric-vector-embeddings-for-directional-similarity-search/ - Nakajima has been tinkering with AGI for long, indicating that the given URL is not fluff and has actual basis.
  • https://huggingface.co/spaces/hysts/ControlNet (used for generating an image of a key ring with the OpenAI logo on it)