Venture Investing, Proof of Concept, and AI Tools Discussion

Introductions and Backgrounds:

  • Vishal Tripathi, Venture Investor, worked on a fund of funds strategy for Google Ventures - Plexo Capital. Currently with Legacy Venture, investors in many of the funds people have mentioned above (Sequoia, A16z, Matrix, Accel, True, etc).
  • Someone mentioned Yohei (from untapped VC) above, he’s a close friend and has collaborated with him on some GPT tools.

Proof of Concept Script:

  • A member has a proof of concept script that they would like to take to customers.

Blog Post:

  • Shared a fun blog post for folks who are in marketing or content or do a lot of writing work in other ways.
  • The last line of the link is “This will make certain people really mad.”

Excitement over a Tool:

  • Members express excitement over a tool that has been shared.

Infinite Customization:

  • A member shares their opinion that infinite customization is actually a pain.
  • Firefly is given as an example of limiting functionality and making it more useful than competitors.


  • A question is asked about whether Adobe was doing all its ML inference on user’s local system before Firefly.
  • Adobe Express is mentioned as not being local and allowing users to do stuff online.


  • A member shares a paper they came across and plan to try on HF and look through.
  • The paper was published in CVPR 2023 and works with video compression.

Project Related to Healthcare:

  • A member asks if anyone is working on any projects related to healthcare.
  • Another member responds with a yes and is asked to tell more.

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • mentioned as a possible URL, but no further context is given.
  • The person mentioned in the message published in CVPR 2023 and works with video compression. They are also a good friend of the speaker.
  • The GitHub link is related to video compression and the message mentions that the demo looks good and better than BLIP-2. The person who shared the link is also a good friend of the developer.
  • The link leads to a website where the langchain repo has been cloned. The message in the same link mentions that the user uploaded their picture and the website described them in close detail, doing a decent job.