AI Integration, Web Development, and Group Management

Access to GPT Plugins:

  • OpenAI demos it publicly
  • Participants want access to the tool
  • Suggestion to make a Twitter viral demo to get access
  • One participant has access but cannot find the tool in the UI

Web Development:

  • Request for freelance Flask/Python web stack developers
  • Link to GitHub repository for Eva:


  • AutoGPT is emerging as a catch-all for automation
  • Jason Calacanis has posted a bounty for outbound sales emails on Replit
  • One participant was able to deploy something locally to generate personalized DM, email, and coffee conversation points for a LinkedIn profile as a non-coder

Group Management:

  • Request to add a friend to the group
  • Request to post a GenAI internship opportunity at Koo
  • Suggestion to create a separate, uncensored group for sharing and subscribing to news
  • Suggestion to create a subreddit with flairs for hiring, news, and discussion
  • Suggestion to have a weekly post with all open roles instead of a separate WhatsApp group
  • Google Form for hiring from the community:
  • Discussion on the effectiveness of posting on LinkedIn for specific areas and the lack of GenAI communities
  • Suggestion to have a different announcement group

AI Philosophy:

  • Discussion on the lack of discussion on AI philosophy
  • Bias towards action over discussion


  • Invitation to team up for Warpspeed
  • Hope that the event will be online
  • Confirmation that it is an offline event and only selected candidates will be allowed
  • Custom model for the event

Technical Issues:

  • Error message when calling the API from outside the notebooks
  • AuthenticationError: Your authentication token is not from a valid issuer
  • Suggestion to use Wireshark to find the headers
  • Playwright suggested as an alternative to reverse engineering the Jupyter Notebook API

TED Talks:

  • Sal Khan’s new TED Talk on the vision reimagined with AI
  • Hinton leaving Google:

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • The user is mentioning that they have access to GPT plugins but cannot find the tool in the UI. They also ask if there are any Flask/Python web stack developers available for freelance work.
  • - A Google Form for hiring from the community has been added and the message suggests creating a different announcement group.
  • The request is to add a link and clarify the type of freelancing role for a video on YouTube (
  • Hinton, a prominent AI and chatbot engineer, is leaving Google according to a news article on The New York Times website: