Generative AI: Applications, Projects, and Investments


  • Members introduce themselves and their backgrounds in AI, ML, and related fields.

Projects and Startups

  • Pranjal Mehta talks about his electric plane startup,, and his interest in building in GenAI.
  • Nirant K works with startups building in ML.
  • Kush is running Corp Dev for Glance & InMobi and is interested in seeing Generative AI innovations in the market.
  • Pranav leads and has been closely working with Gen AI and its applications in content and marketing for the last 2 years.
  • Sachin is the founder of, a search engine of case laws, and has previously worked as an RL engineer.
  • Amogh is tinkering on a project in generative AI called, which lets users create fun stickers using their photos.
  • Rahul Sundar is a PhD student interested in teaching the science of any underlying problem to machines.
  • Parth is a VC at Venture Highway and looks closely at the Applied AI space.
  • Anagh from Accel has been working on AI investments for 3ish years and used to build ML models in the pre-transformers era.
  • Naman from Stellaris VP looks at AI and SaaS investments.
  • Shashwat is working on an AI-based learning and development tool and is primarily interested in recommendation systems and building one for generative media consumption.

Topics Discussed

  • Creating a full anime with SD.
  • Building agents to play games and trade stocks.
  • Generative AI’s applications in content and marketing.
  • Using generative AI to create fun stickers.
  • Teaching the science of any underlying problem to machines.
  • AI investments in the Applied AI space.
  • Building recommendation systems for generative media consumption.
  • Making video shots with RunwayML.
  • Computer vision and 3D reconstruction.
  • GANs in voice generation.
  • RL, Computer Vision, and NLP techniques.
  • SciML, AI4Science, PhysicsInformedML, theory guided ML, etc.

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  • - a website that allows users to create fun stickers using their own photos for use in messaging apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Slack, and Discord. Mentioned in a message from Amogh, a former director of product at Avataar, who is currently working on a project in generative AI.