FOSS Demos, AI Models, and Research Labs Discussion


  • Confirmed FOSS Demos for the hackathon, 2 of the top 3 projects from Github Trending in AI
  • Thanks for the intro Ravi Theja, GPT-Index contributor and inMobi DS [PHONE REMOVED] to Jerry Liu
  • Sharing my favourite blog from last few weeks:
  • came across this today

AI Models

  • WASM for LLMs is super interesting, anyone tried?
  • They also trained an LLM to mimic Homer Simpson and it’s apparently better than gpt-4
  • It’d be hilarious if the model forgot how to do chain of thought reasoning because of that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Research Labs

  • Iit madras or Bombay has research labs you can cold mail them or reach out to other iits they might help or redirect to appropriate org.

VC Tool

  • Anyone exploring building a tool like this for VCs?
  • Good customers to sell to and solid use case of AI

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  • (favorite blog shared by the sender)
  • - Nickfloats shares their favorite blog from the last few weeks about using WASM for LLMs and asks if anyone has tried it.