AI Advancements and Meetup Updates

New BingGPT Launch:

  • Potential to make advertising briefs easier
  • Link:

AI and Software Engineering:

  • Discussion on how GPT4 will change software engineering
  • Link to article: N/A

March Meetup:

  • Question about whether the March meetup for gen ai is happening
  • No meetup in March, suggestion to come to the hackathon instead
  • RSVP/sign up link requested
  • Link: N/A

Image Generation Models:

  • Discussion on using image generation models
  • Mention of Midjourney, cvitai, and openjourney models
  • Recommendation to try
  • Link to cvitai:

LORA and Alpaca:

  • Discussion on using LORA and self-instruct datasets to improve Alpaca
  • Offer of sponsorship and contribution of datasets
  • Link to Alpaca self-instruct dataset:
  • Link to article on Alpaca:

Other Topics:

  • Offset noise write-up:
  • Discussion on Google stuff and Blender ControlNet for posture and depth
  • Mention of facial keypoints for better control in image generation
  • Humorous comments on lack of sleep and use of Adderall

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • New BingGPT Launch: - This has the potential make advertising briefs soooo much easier 💯
  • The URL is related to the potential use of AI in solving CAPTCHAs and its impact on advertising briefs, while the message in the same link discusses the potential impact of GPT4 on software engineering.
  • The message in the same link as the URL states “open journey is good though compared to available open-source models?” and encourages the reader to have fun. URL:
  • This link leads to a webpage about a self-instruction dataset, and was accompanied by the message “haha”.
  • The URL is being praised for its excellence, but it is unclear who created it.
  • offset noise write up - (related to catching up on conversations about generative AI space)