Research Paper Discussion and Storage Solutions

Paper Reading Groups

  • Discussion about reading and analyzing research papers related to popular models
  • Suggestions to play a game of hunting for clues and trying to understand the research team’s thought process
  • Recommendation to start with interdisciplinary papers like Visual ChatGPT and diff it against other models
  • Idea to host a reading session and invite people to present different papers and discuss insights
  • Mention of CV paper reading group in Bangalore run by Sumod Mohan and a CS paper reading group run by Swanand via Hasgeek
  • Interest expressed in listening to reading sessions

Events and Resources

  • Request for information about paper reading groups happening in Bangalore
  • Suggestion to spontaneously organize such events in Bangalore
  • Sharing of a Twitter link to an event by LangChainAI
  • Discussion about storing embedding vectors in a PG database and the need to explore other options

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • - The message in the same link as the URL mentions not replying with DM and the need to explore storing embedding vectors in a PG database.