Comparing AI Embedding Models and Exploring Applications

AI Embedding Models:

  • Comparison between OpenAI’s “text-embedding-ada-002” and Huggingface models or Sentence Transformers
  • Some prefer Huggingface or Sentence Transformers for their use case
  • Recommended model: “sentence-transformers/all-mpnet-base-v2” or “multi-qa-mpnet-base-dot-v1” for semantic search
  • Cross-encoder recommended for better scoring mechanisms

AI in News Media:

  • Traditional News Media is frightened with AI
  • Buzz is hot and controversial
  • Interviews conducted on AI opinions

AI Chatroom Plugins:

  • ChatGPT Plugins SF hackathon winners announced
  • Winners have higher usability than expected
  • Indians are no longer playing catch up

AI Conversational Memory:

  • Idea of enabling long term conversational memory by vector indexing conversation history
  • Langchain has good abstractions around memory

AI Regulation:

  • Governments starting to weigh possible rules for AI tools like ChatGPT
  • India already working on BharatGPT

AI for Agriculture:

  • KissanGPT being used by farmers and hobbyists
  • Feature requests being made
  • Plans to integrate visual capabilities to detect bad signs in crop photos
  • OpenAI being asked for access to multimodal when available in GPT4 API

AI for Finance:

  • Idea being toyed with for AI in finance
  • Portfolio company looking for tools to help write research reports

AI Datasets:

  • Looking for dataset agencies to curate an instruct type dataset


  • Langchain webinar with Harrison, Yohei, and others recommended
  • Langchain docs recommended for getting started


  • Open source implementation and model weights released for one step image generation model

The description and link can be mismatched because of extraction errors.

  • - A thread discussing the superiority of some OS, posted in February 2023.
  • The message in the same link as the URL mentions “Awfully painful questions 😂”.
  • Ohh, the ChatGPT Plugins SF hackathon announced their winners: All the winners here have much higher usability than what we had thought.
  • Langchain has some pretty good abstractions around memory (in addition to the index+retrieve approach) for enabling long term conversational memory.
  • - Langchain has some pretty good abstractions around memory (in addition to the index+retrieve approach)
  • - Happening as we speak
  • Elon Musk recently spent at least $250M on GPUs for training generative AI at Twitter, as mentioned in a tweet by @yoheinakajima. The tweet also mentions the user’s liking for autonomous GPT agent technology. The URL provided leads to the tweet.
  • Harrison Chase implemented a custom LangChain abstraction for BabyAGI based on Yohei’s method: and
  • - Link to a webpage about using agents in artificial general intelligence, mentioned in a tweet.
  • Design Principles for building Agents. This link is for folks using Typescript for agent building.
  • : The article discusses the Biden administration’s consideration of possible regulations for AI tools like ChatGPT, which may have implications for those using Typescript for agent building. The message also mentions the possibility of the Indian government building their own AI tool, BharatGPT.
  • The GitHub link is related to a message about Italy possibly banning OpenAI, with a humorous comment about Monopoly play.
  • - AI4Bharat is working on creating an LLM model, possibly due to the government’s focus on self-owned public infrastructure. The IITM team is involved in this project.
  • - AI4Bharat is working on it and there is a coincidence related to the link. The message in the same link as the link is related to it. The IITM one BabyAGI on Replit in just 105 lines of code.
  • - This link is mentioned in the context of someone named Pratuysh working at Microsoft Research. The message in the same link as the URL is related to language translation platform.
  • - No context is given for this link.
  • The article on Medianama discusses Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s investment in Bhashini, a language translation platform. The message in the same link suggests that, a chatbot for farmers, can add more Indic languages, voice support, and link to government schemes via plugins.
  • TTS is being used to return answers in the same language, and the link leads to information about the serverless GPU market. Another related link is provided at
  • A link to a website about serverless GPU market, with a message suggesting to check out another website related to it at, described as “pretty slick”.
  • - The message in the same link as the URL suggests that farmers in India are interested in using the product, but the company may not have enough communication with end users and may need to improve product design.
  • In-person, BLR only: I’ll be there 🫡
  • : A link to compare oneself regarding SAM, with a message that a 512X512 is needed to try the link and it will error out for all other dimensions.
  • The message in the given link is related to AI agents writing their own plugins, and the link leads to a tweet by user @kevinafischer who says they tried something but it didn’t work. The tweet can be found at
  • AI agents writing their own plugins:
    • The message in the same link as the link is related to the topic of AI agents writing their own plugins.
  • - Langchain webinar with Harrison and Yohei among others is live now.
  • : The Langchain docs are really good to get started with they also have guides for reference too.
  • The URL is related to OpenAI’s release of open source implementation and model weights for their latest work on one step image generation.