Exploring Hackathon Ideas and Language Model Developments

Hackathon Ideas

  • Discussion about a thread of hackathon ideas and similarities to their own hackathon
  • Political action project was the first thing they sold to a client back in 2022
  • Creators of the thread haven’t been mentioned, but can tweet to Joseph or @swyx to ask
  • Mention of knowing @swyx from the react world because of a talk
  • Variety of chatbots in their hackathon

GPT 3.5

  • Discussion about problems with limiting output length
  • Question about changing length units to token instead of characters
  • Recommended way to do this is to use Guardrails and turn on re-ask
  • Mention of Guardrails creator doing a demo at their hackathon venue
  • Link to Guardrails GitHub page
  • Mention of Indians no longer playing catch up in the tech world

Kor and Guardrails

  • Discussion about Kor being a general purpose parser for any text/schema
  • Confusion about why the schema format in Guardrails is not the same as the output format
  • Balancing language/lib design POV
  • Resizing prompts work well when input and output language is English
  • BPE tokeniser is notoriously unstable for CJK and Indian languages
  • Prompt engineering is like casting a spell
  • Suggestion to tweet and tag OpenAI folks for more information on GPT4

GPT4 and GPT3

  • Discussion about customers raising support tickets for being fooled about GPT4 access
  • Suggestion to improve with a system prompt
  • Chat models are instruction finetuned, sanitised and scaled forks of large base models
  • Suggestion to have GPT3.5-Turbo claim to be GPT4

Generative Agents

  • Discussion about interesting new research on generative agents
  • Enthusiastic reporting on the topic

Midjourney and Kandisky 2.1

  • Discussion about Midjourney being exclusively on Discord and suggestion to wait or pay for premium
  • Mention of a new model Kandisky 2.1 available on dreamlike.art
  • They provide daily credits as of now

Comparing Models

  • Quick compare table for comparing various models

Image-Creation Tools

  • Question about any image-creation tool that accepts looking into a website design for reference


  • Question about friends or acquaintance artists working with LoRA
  • Mention of Vignesh being quite nice and giving great advice for job hunting in Leuven

Thank You

  • Thank you messages to Nirant and Sid

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  • Here is a YouTube link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xxziIWmaSA&t=1079s) to a thread discussing Hackathon ideas, including some that were similar to those seen at a previous hackathon.
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  • https://github.com/ShreyaR/guardrails - The message emphasizes that Indians are no longer playing catch up, despite the author’s physical state.
  • https://youtu.be/wHiOKDlA8Ac - Interesting new research on Generative Agents, with enthusiastic reporting. The message also asks for suggestions on how to try out Midjourney, as the Discord is currently at full capacity.