Applied AI Consulting Services

This page is copied from Jason Liu – a solid example of an AI Engineer, and you should check out his work.

I’ve been building and deploying real-world AI solutions since 2016. My goal is to help you minimize regret by sharing my lessons and giving you a clear vision on what to invest in and what to build. I’ll help you cut through the bloat of implementing an AI strategy to improve your team’s productivity and, in turn, help you grow revenue.

I have worked with leading companies on AI products such as Qdrant, Defog, Bola,, and Thena. I’ve worked across multiple LLMs, vector databases, chat bots, retrieval, ranking, and summarization.

I’m not your typical consultant: I believe in long term relationships, and I’ll tell you if your AI project is a waste of time and money.

Take a look, and shoot me an email about what your team is looking for.


  • Recently built and scaled FastEmbed to ~1M installs/year, an embedding library built for speed using ONNX
    • It is now forked and maintained by Qdrant (2024)
  • Benchmarked and profiled Binary Quantization at Qdrant (2023)
  • Top 5 GenAI Scientists in India, Analytics India Magazine (2023)
  • Book Author: NLP in Python: Quickstart Guide
  • Built the first Hindi LM (2018)
  • Deployed Sentence Transformers and Annoy for cosine similarity-powered search in production (2018)
  • Managed a team of 3 engineers to build a support chatbot handling 1M chat messages per month (2019-2021)

Problems I Solve

My expertise includes:

  • LLM integration and optimization
  • Vector database implementation and optimization
  • Retrieval-augmented generation
  • Query understanding
  • Embedding fine-tuning

You should consider hiring me if:

  • You don’t know how to improve your LLM products systematically
  • You are overwhelmed by tools & frameworks
  • Feel lost on what to prioritize and what experiments you should run
  • Need outside expertise to evaluate your needs and vet potential talent

What I will avoid doing since it’s not a great use of your time and money:

  • Data annotation and collection
  • MLOps and DevOps
  • Data engineering
  • Referring folks for hiring


I offer three types of services, depending on your needs:

1. Strategic Consulting

I will help you cut through the bloat of implementing an AI strategy to improve your team’s productivity and, in turn, help you grow revenue and increase market cap.

Here’s what you get:

  • On-Demand Guidance: Asynchronous access, email, slack, adhoc meetings for strategic advice and overcoming challenges
  • Growth & Efficiency: Enhance your team’s skills and streamline AI/ML processes
  • Expert Network: Connect with leading specialists across various fields to expand your business network
  • Hiring: Help you understand the quantitative skills needed for upcoming AI and ML roles

This is best suited for companies looking to get a high-level overview of their AI strategy and need guidance on how to improve their AI capabilities.

2. Comprehensive Consulting

I work hands-on with your team to help them improve their AI capabilities. This option is perfect for engineering teams looking to accelerate their AI development process, evaluate new technologies, improve their AI capabilities, and train their engineers to think about AI more strategically. I will bring my own team-members to help you with the work.

In addition to everything mentioned in strategic consulting, you receive:

  • Quick Prototyping & Research: Conduct rapid feasibility studies and develop prototypes for AI/ML projects
  • Data & Production Support: Assist in building and launching data-driven products, with a focus on continuous improvement and production readiness
  • Optimization Guidance: Provide strategies to improve data collection, labeling, and quality
  • Domain-Specific Evaluation Systems: Design and implement custom evaluation systems to measure the performance and reliability of your LLMs
  • Hands-On Model Optimization: Fine-tune, prompt engineer, and debug models to improve performance and efficiency
  • Development Tools and Infrastructure: Build custom tools and infrastructure to streamline your AI development process
  • Content and Writing: Produce written documents and blogs to communicate best practices, methodologies, and practical case studies to your stakeholders
  • Team Growth & Hiring: Work with 2-4 people individually on your team to rapidly upskill them on AI. I will also help you source and evaluate key hires

This is best suited for companies working on AI products and looking to improve product quality, efficiency, and team capabilities.

3. Training & Workshops

I offer training for teams looking to upskill in AI and ML. This option is perfect for companies looking to train their teams on AI and ML best practices, tools, and methodologies.

Here’s what you get:

  • Customized Training: Tailored training programs to meet your team’s specific needs
  • Library of Resources: Access to a library of resources, including code snippets, notebooks, and best practices from others


I work on a monthly retainer basis. The cost depends on the tier of service you choose:


  • Strategic Consulting: $10,000/month

  • Comprehensive Consulting: $75,000 for a minimum 3 month commitment

To discuss starting an engagement, please contact me at You can also WhatsApp me if you need immediate short-form advice.

Notable Achievements

  1. Dr. Andrew Ng recommends Awesome NLP, a repo I’ve maintained since 2018 at Stanford’s Deep Learning course CS 230.
  2. Top 5 GenAI Scientists in India, Analytics India Magazine
  3. Author of NLP in Python: Quickstart Guide
  4. Published research on code-mixed languages (Hinglish) in ACL 2019
  5. Maintainer of popular GitHub repositories: