Generative AI Community: General Guide


βœ… - Please do these behaviours!

❌ - These may result in bans

πŸ‘Ž - we discourage these behaviours, but context matters

These guides are good rules of thumbs for behaviour, but admins reserve all rights to remove or ban members or conversations.

Content Sharing

βœ… Things that you find interesting, curious or noteworthy around AI research, philosophy, implementation and future. Also new tools or how you’re using them.

βœ… Give context when sharing if possible, or ask questions, especially if you are looking for a specific kind of help

❌ Self promotion of your products, your company or your events. Group should not be used as your marketing channel.

πŸ‘Ž Sharing paid/paywalled content. You can describe if something is relevant to the discussion but sharing this content is discouraged

Adding Friends

βœ… Share the group link with your friends and ask them to apply: (Valid till 15th September 2023)

πŸ‘Ž Asking on main to add your friend. Ping admins directly.

General Conversation

βœ… Ask questions, especially follow ups if a conversation or topic intrigues you

βœ… Share knowledge that you have with the community members, we can only grow the AI community in India if we help each other out

βœ… Act in good faith and with integrity. When in doubt ask

βœ… Disclose any conflicts of interests in a particular conversation

❌ Conversations about topics with proven harm technologies like deep fakes, surveillance, or discrimination promoting tech

❌ Harassment or abuse, targeted towards a group or an individual

❌ Inactive members. If you are inactive for more than 60 days, you will be removed from the group

πŸ‘Ž Off topic discussions. Avoid spamming others’ inboxes with messages irrelevant to the group. Take those discussions to DMs

πŸ‘Ž Sensationalism and exaggerations.

πŸ‘Ž Don’t ask to just ask. Do some preliminary research beforehand.

How can I promote my product/blog/event on group?

βœ… Have someone else share it on the group

❌ Promote your own product/blog/event

πŸ“š Resources

Past Discussion Summaries

Past discussion summaries

Event announcements

Hiring and Jobs

Hiring Announcements:

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Looking for jobs?

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Hackathon and Jury Recommendations

Finances & Expenses

All our budget and expenses are public. You can see them here:Β Generative AI Finances

Code of Conduct

We enforce the Hasgeek Code of Conduct – and by being part of our communications e.g. WhatsApp group or attending any of ever events, you agree to adhere to the same. In case of violations, please report to coc {at} nirantk (dot) com

⚠️ Data Usage: Messages in the group may be made public or used for training a bot. We cannot prevent members from downloading chat history.

GenerativeAI Startup Ecosystem for Founders and Investors

Description: This Gen AI group is strictly for founder + Investors only, if you are not one of these you can be removed by admins anytime without prior acknowledgment. When you join please drop 3-4 line introduction about you and/or your product along with LinkedIn link for other members to connect with you.

Read these Startup Group rules first

For adding new members, please reach out to Nisha from SuperU on WhatsApp

For promoting any upcoming event, please reach out to Aditya on WhatsApp