Hiya! You found me. I’m Nirant.

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NLP in Python: Quickstart Guide

Wrote a Book for Programmers to Brew NLP Recipes (Jan 2019) bookcover

  • Written with code examples and programmer-first mindset. Try it out yourself on Github
  • Includes Text Embedding, Linguistics 101, Ensemble Modeling, Chatbots with small data, ML and Deep learning for text classification using tools like spaCy, PyTorch, & gensim.
  • Published in US, UK and India

Tech Talks

  • inMobi Tech Talks: A Nightmare on the LM Street; Slides
  • Wingify DevFest: NLP for Indian Languages; Slides, Youtube
  • PyData Bengaluru Inaugral Talk: Quiz Generation with spaCy; Youtube

Community Contributions

Web Mentions

My 5 minutes of Internet fame

Won the Kaggle Kernel Prize

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to NLP in spaCy won the first ever NLP themed Kaggle Kernel award. I won a free licensed copy of Prodi.gy worth $390 with it, and $500 in cash.

Programming Notes found helpful by Nobel Laureate

Tips, Tricks, Best Practices for working with Jupyter Notebook’s was appreciated by Economics Nobel Laureate 2018 :

”…, this looks very helpful” - Dr. Paul Romer on Twitter

International FastAI Part 2 v2 Fellowship 2018 & 2019

  • Selected to be among the ~500 International Fellows attending the Advanced Deep Learning Course by fastAI Live
  • Achieved State of the Art Language Modeling in Hindi hindi2vec as part of the work done during the fellowship

Featured in the Press

  • FactorDaily’s piece on The great rush to data sciences in India ends with a direct quote from me.
  • FactorDaily is a new age news company which sits at the intersection of technology with life, culture and society in India.


  • First Runner’s Up at the Future Group Datathon (March 2019)

    • Two stage Machine Learning hackathon called Tathastu, working on recommendation systems and item information extraction problems
    • Judged by a jury from Palantir and Future Group Consumer & Data Lab
  • Opened AI Hackathon

    • Awesome NCERT won the Best use of IBM Watson API; blog
    • Idea: Find recent+relevant news articles against any NCERT chapter in sciences and social studies